Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment is of Paramount Importance to RDM

Think Safe > Work Safe > Home Safe

RDM is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of anyone who works on or can be affected by our projects is of paramount importance. Due to the nature of the works that take place, the construction industry is inherently fraught with various levels of risk to people’s health & safety and so RDM has committed significant resources in ensuring such risks are minimised to the lowest reasonably practicable levels if they cannot reasonably be eliminated.

RDM has a management system in place that is accredited to the international standard for occupational health & safety – ISO 45001. RDM also recognises that every person involved throughout our projects has an integral part to play in ensuring the excellent performance of health & safety on our projects. To this end, we have created the “Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe” health & safety programme. This is a culture that we look to instil into every person working at all stages of RDM projects, regardless of their role. The culture being instilled is for people to always…

– THINK about health & safety at all times – when planning work, immediately prior to and during works,

– so that the WORK can take place safely,

– and that they and everyone involved in the work can go HOME safely after work.

This programme is introduced to everyone involved in our projects at the earliest opportunity, such as site inductions and supply chain introductions. A constant reminder of this culture is being implemented across our projects, with the logo for the programme appearing on project documents and site signage.

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