Road Extension & Alterations

Copenhagen, Denmark

Project Description

This project involved creating a new section of road between the ends of 2 roads, as well as major upgrading and modifications to the ends of the existing roads, to enable the creation of a new Data Centre complex on the agricultural land. The total length of the road in the project was 1km.

RDM was appointed on this project to take over from where another Main Contractor had only recently started following concerns over their poor performance and health & safety management on site.

A subsequent visit from Danish Working Environment Authority inspectors were so impressed that they remarked they would like to show this site as an example of good health & safety management on site.

To enable the works to be carried out safely and with as minimal disruption to the local community, the works involved detailed planning, discussions and agreements with the local authorities, municipality, neighbours and the clients design team. This resulted in the works being carried out in three main phases, with works to the existing roads also being carried out across multiple sub-phases. Other challenges on this project included:

  • Dealing with unknown elements related to the services.
  • Carrying out works in conjunction with third-party contractors.
  • Changing the culture of health & safety amongst the site workers.
  • Relocation of the site offices/welfare compound and site walkways half-way through the project at short notice.

Project Details




Confidential Data Centre Operator


8 Months


€5 Million


€5 Million



Scope of Works

  • Grubbing up of existing roads.
  • Streetlighting – dismantling and existing and installation of new.
  • Careful relocation of services in the existing roads (including electricity, mains drainage, water, district heating, telecommuniations, etc).
  • Installation of new services beneath the new section of road and connection to existing services.
  • Organisation and management of traffic diversions in conjunction with the local authorities, including the creation of a temporary footpath/cycle-path.
  • Installation of new asphalt roads with new footpaths and cycle lanes to Danish Road Standards, connecting on to existing roundabouts and junctions.

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